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About Us

Salvage Auto Queen is a junk vehicle buyer, locally owned and operated in Austin Texas.  We DO NOT sell parts. We DO NOT run a junk yard or salvage yard. We buy chassis and complete junk cars, trucks, vans and SUVs of any age in any condition:  worn, damaged, wrecked, totalled, salvage, running, not running, repairable and non-repairable.  We support auto recycling and reuse.  We support local business.  We work with  environmentally responsible local companies to pick up your worn out vehicle and recycle or reuse the metal, motor and parts.  In return, we offer top CA$H and FAST PICKUP,    

Call us for a free quote or request a free quote online.  We'll pay more for your junk vehicle than the other guys and treat you like Royalty!


If you need to sell or get rid of a junk vehicle located in or around Austin Texas call Salvage Auto Queen for a FREE quote! We work hard to make you the highest cash offer for your vehicle AND FREE towing, often within 24 hours or whatever works best with your schedule. We'll schedule around your schedule, remove your vehicle from your driveway, garage, street, parking lot, mechanic shop or impound lot and pay you CA$H!  Goodby old, broken down vehicle! Hello, extra cash $$$$$! 

Why Use Us?

I'm sure you've seen them. Billboards, print ads, craigslist, online ads all offering cash to buy your junk car or asking you to donate your vehicle to them. Can you really use that charitable deduction? Why use us instead?

  • We are here for YOU. We offer personal, friendly service. We share our knowledge and experience to assist you.  We care about repeat business and word of mouth.   Our drivers work around your schedule to pay you TOP CASH and offer QUICK CONVENIENT PICKUP. We strive to ensure your experience with us is positive and stress free.                            
  • We offer the most money for your junk vehicle. We know the local market.  We work with several local recyclers, all willing to pay more when we find them specifically what they want. This helps YOU get the highest price for your vehicle and saves you time from having to call all over town to find the best price.   
  • We care about the environment and public safety. We are part of the solution to a cleaner, safer Austin.  We help remove unwanted, broken down junkers, pay you CA$H and ensure that your old vehicle and all its component parts are responsibly recycled with the least impact to the environment and public safety. 


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